For six years (’94-2000), The Swine  did our own Seattle Public Access TV show, “Swine Before Pearls”  (we’re the ‘Swine’, the audience are the ‘Pearls’).  It was an all-volunteer, absolute zero-budget combination of Saturday Night Live,  Hee Haw, and Rush Limbaugh. I hosted the show as the character "Tush Swinbaugh, the only slightly more liberal, but very much more ‘svelte’, 55th cousin of Rush Limbaugh”.  We did live and recorded skits, a new political parody by The Swine every week (such as “Tie Me Up And Tell Me I Look Presidential”) , guest appearances by almost all the unsigned Grunge bands in Seattle, and live audience phone-ins to “Tush”.  Being Public Access, there was no 7-second delay on the callers, and interesting things could and did happen.  The show’s theme song was our tune  “Politically Correct” .  Chorus:  “Politically Correct, or totally red-necked, As long as you can take a joke, you’ll have my respect”. 
On stage, I also loved to do Bluegrass covers of classic ‘riff tunes’, such as Zep’s “How Many More Times”, and Cream’s  “Sunshine of Your Love”.  I’d play the riffs on the mandolin or fiddle, trying my best to make “Nigel Tufnel”  heavy-metal po-faces.